2CINE is a product of WANDWALL, meaning the use of different Artificial Intelligence modules in the operating system of WANDWALL.

A set of different AI modules that could be included within the WANDWALL operating system:

  • AI Module (Think2cine): An AI operating system that analyses the users’ patterns to end up with accurate predictions and suitable recommendations for a better smart living environment.
  • Gesture Module (Move2cine): A technology allowing home tenants to enjoy a remote control for house automation upon gesture recognition. Tenants teach the system their favorite hand motions and the correspondent set of output action.
  • Mood Module (Mood2cine): A software technology that analyses the user’s mood and provides a set of recommendations.
  • Fresh Breeze Module (Breeze2cine): A fresh breeze system with a minimal design, which aerates the living spaces depending on chosen mode.
  • Sound Module (Sound2cine): An in-wall invisible speakers with high surrounding sound quality, providing a more fun and enjoyable home living.